Contact – Not sure which rooms to book? Get in touch!

These are the steps to follow to file a reservation:

You make a reservation by e-mail or by phone or via the website (the address is mentioned on the bottom of each page and on the Contact page) and state clearly your data:

  • your name
  • address and telephone number
  • the period
  • the number of persons and their age

Also read our rental conditions.
With your reservation request you agree to these conditions.
We will answer you if the period is still open and make you a preliminary reservation.
You pay 50% of the rent when you file the reservation. Or, you pay 100% of the rent if you file your reservation within the 12 weeks preceding the first day of your stay.
We will hold your reservation for a period of 1 week, which is more than enough to receive your payment. Please note that your reservation will be valid from the day we receive your payment.
We confirm your payment and reservation as soon as we receive your payment. If your payment does not reach us within one week, we, as landlords, can cancel your reservation and are free to rent the studio to somebody else.